The Predictive Index® (РІ) 2021 CEO Benchmarking Report is Live with Free Access

2021 will be a whole new ballgame for CEOs and their teams. Following layoffs and the sudden shift to remote work, they are faced with new teams and unprecedented challenges. The Predictive Index® (РІ) ( surveyed 160 CEOs about their top priorities and concerns. Their answers provide a window into the minds of executive leaders during one of the most trying times in recent history.

The findings in this report will open your eyes to the unique challenges executives are facing in a post-COVID world. You’ll discover what’s fracturing senior leadership and why team cohesion is critical to success. You’ll also learn how to build dream teams that work like magic – using talent optimization.

Key findings from the report:

  • CEOs are leading brand-new teams: Nearly 70% of companies suffered layoffs or furloughs since March 2020 – resulting in new teams and new team challenges.
  • Remote work is a CEO’s #1 challenge, yet here to stay: An overwhelming 97% of CEOs will allow remote work in some form moving forward. Yet 51% of CEOs admit their top challenge is working well remotely
  • CEOs are tied up with people issues: Remote work is amplifying the lack of team cohesion, with 58% of CEOs admitting they mediate interpersonal conflict at least monthly.
  • Strategy is top of mind in 2021: Most CEOs overhauled their business strategy in 2020, and 53% say strategy development is their #1 priority moving forward.
  • CEOs need help with talent optimization: 91% of CEOs said they needed outside help with both business and talent strategies in the past six months.

Read the full 2021 CEO Benchmarking Report in this link to find out what else is on the minds of CEOs and senior leadership – and what they’re doing to build dream teams in the year ahead.